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BB Cream: The Final Showdown


As you may have noticed, we’re all a little beauty-obsessed here at Lifebooker. Which means our watercooler talk often devolves into some preeeeetty heated debates. Liquid liner or pencil? To pixie or not to pixie? But one thing we can all agree on: BB cream is the best thing to happen to our faces since we first mastered the smize.

By now you guys probably know the history: BB cream has been the “it” product in Korea since 2005, but it was actually invented by a German dermatologist in the 1950s to help patients heal and mask redness after a facial peel. The original formula contained bisabolol and panthenol, known for their anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. It finaaaally made its way to the US about a year ago, and ever since, the miracle makeup-slash-skincare product has been EVERYWHERE.

Now that BB cream is blowin’ up stateside, we obviously had to jump in with our two cents. Which means our editor Sam has been tirelessly dotting, blending, and patting all week, all in the name of beauty. Here’s what she had to say about how they all stack up (cue West Side Story soundtrack):

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